Tamra Barenbrug

Natural You Tamra Barenbrug

Registered Counsellor & Reiki Practitioner
BA (Psych) BA Hons (Psych) BPsych (Cum Laude) Usui Reiki (Advanced)
PR No: 0381551   Reg: PRC 0010715


Psychological counselling is a process of self-development and change, and is often seen as a response to immediately pressing difficulties. A counselling process helps enable us to discover within ourselves the strengths and competencies we need in order to deal with these difficulties

Tamra is a Registered Counsellor who expresses great interest in an authentic and holistic approach to counselling and study of the human body, mind and soul. Tamra’s interest in Psychosynthesis means that she views counselling as more of an attitude or point of view, rather than a set of techniques. She stresses the importance of the quality of her interaction with a client and emphasises the availability of a space where she can relate to a client as a person rather than to impose a clinical professional relationship on them.

Tamra has also put together a specialised weight management programme for all clients seeking nutritional guidance and emotional support during their weight loss journey. Conventional approaches to weight loss focus on managing the physical and medical consequence of weight gain, and forget to take into account the whole person – body, mind, and soul. By addressing all three interacting levels, her aim is to facilitate healing and success on the deepest level.

Counselling is provided for:

* Stress of an external event i.e. career difficulties, illness or death
* Relationship difficulties
* A sense of dissatisfaction in life, boredom, anxiety or depression
* Weight-loss / nutritional counselling
* Pre-marital or couples/marital counselling (PREPARE/ENRICH courses)

In 2010, Tamra completed her advanced training in Usui Reiki. She has found that integrating Reiki into the counselling process (should the client want it), is a beneficial and holistic technique and can provide greater insight into the underlying causes of client problem areas.

If you would like to contact Tamra please visit her site Counsel Me.

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