Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters

Ascended Masters are beings who have completed their incarnations on Earth and now help Earth and humanity to heal, grow and move forward.Natural You Ascended Masters

You can call upon the Masters silently or aloud and they will instantly be with you.

Here is a list of some Ascended Master (Some Masters are known as gods/godesses)  and what they help you with.

Apollo (god)
Exercise, Health Eating, Opening up to Psychic Abilities

Athena (goddess)
Justice, Resolving arguments, Protection

Babaji (avatar)
Overcoming addictions or any cravings
Divine Communication, Spiritual Growth
Yoga, Manifestation

Balance, Joy, Peace, Spiritual Growth

El Morya
Energy Clearing, Psychic Protection

Ganesh (god)
Overcoming obstacles in life
Writing, Art, Peace, Abundance

Horus (god)
Courage, Clairvoyance, Strength

Justice, Law, Truth

Hathor (goddess)
Beauty, children, Pregnancy, Dance

Ishtar (goddess)
Child Conception, Parenting, Gentleness
Healing, Sexuality

Isis (goddess)
Self-esteem, Feminine Strength, Healing
Divine Magic

Isolt (goddess)
Relationship Breakups, Divorce, Romantic Love

Divine Communication, Guidance, Healing
Forgiveness, Manifestation

Kali (goddess)
Endings and beginnings
Courage, Determination, Focus
Protection, Motivation

Lord Kuthumi
Focus, Life Purpose

Mother Mary
Children, Feminine Strength, Parenting
Fertility, Mercy

Krishna (god)
Blessings, Joy, Spiritual Awakening
Romantic Love, Relationships

Kuan Yin (goddess)
Compassion, Feminine Grace, Beauty and power
Kindness and gentleness
Mercy, Protection for women and children

Lord Maitreya
Joy, Laughter, Peace

Healing, Shielding against psychic attack
Purification, Manifestation, Esoteric Understanding

Divine Magic, Psychic Abilities, Healing, crystals

Saint Germain
Direction, Life Purpose, Courage, Healing
Psychic Protection

Saint Padre Pio
Healing, Spiritual Growth, Forgiveness

Sanat Kumara
Healing Work, Spirit Release
Help you overcome fatigue

Seraphis Bey
Divine Communication, Peace
Art and music
Overcoming cravings or any addictions

Thoth (god)
Life Purpose, Divine Magic, Sacred Geometry
Writing, Psychic Abilities

Direction in life, Healing, Life Purpose

Yogananda (avatar)
Divine Love, Yoga, Peace, Healing
Divine communication


* Contributed by Tamra

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